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BBL Laser Treatment in Marin County, CA

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Broadband Laser HERO Treatment

BBL HERO by Sciton Laser Treatment at Bay Area's Haus of Marin Medical Aesthetics

Sciton's BBL, or Broadband Light HERO (High Energy Rapid Output), is considered the next generation of phototherapy. Flaws and discoloration of the skin can profoundly affect one's self-image. At Haus of Marin Medical Aesthetics, it's essential that everyone have access to the care they need to feel confident in their own skin, regardless of their starting point. Those looking to achieve smoother, more radiant skin with minimal downtime can greatly benefit from BBL Laser Treatment in Marin. To regain a youthful appearance, contact your aesthetic provider in Marin County, California, today to learn more about this treatment option.

Even Your Skin Tone

What is BBL Laser Treatment?

(Broadband Light) BBL Laser Therapy is sometimes called a photofacial. It is a safe and efficient treatment for various cosmetic skin issues.

This non-invasive technique can be used to:

  • Reduce the appearance of sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Balance out skin tone and texture
  • Address skin disorders like rosacea, spider veins, and acne
  • Builds collagen and elastin to improve overall skin quality

How does BBL Laser Treatment work?

BBL Laser Treatment deposits brief bursts of light energy that gradually warm the epidermis. The laser targets small, damaged blood vessels that create redness and brown spots or pigmented lesions brought on by an excess of melanin-absorbed light energy.

BBL Laser Treatment at Haus of Marin Medical Aesthetics

We continually educate ourselves on new techniques and advancements in beauty and skin rejuvenation because we are eager to provide our patients with the most cutting-edge (and safe!) treatments. For those who want to improve the appearance of their skin in Marin BBL Laser Treatment is an excellent choice.

Reduce the Appearance of Flaws

What can BBL Laser Treatment do?

BBL therapy targets the whole body and is often used on the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. BBL treatments aid in improving the appearance of skin that some skin care products, pollution, and sun exposure have damaged. With BBL Laser Treatment Marin patients can also treat several conditions, including rosacea and other discoloration issues. Additionally, it might help your body recover more quickly and rebuild healthy skin, improving elasticity and firmness.

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We'll Answer Your Questions

Schedule Your Consultation

Our consultations are patient-focused. We want to ensure you have the best results to fit your skin's needs. By examining your skin's condition and discussing your aesthetic goals, we can plan for better, longer-lasting results, whether it's BBL Laser Treatment or any other treatment we offer.

Protect Your Skin Before Treatment

BBL Laser Treatment Preparation and Procedure

You may not have a tan or recent sun exposure before treatment. You NEVER bleed from a BBL treatment because it does not break the skin. Speak to your aesthetic provider. Antiviral medicine is highly advised if you have a history of herpes or cold sores.

We will apply a topical anesthetic and a cooling gel before starting your therapy. You will notice bright flashes throughout the process despite wearing safety glasses to protect your eyes. However, don't worry—these won't hurt your eyes! You may feel the warmth from the BBL device as we move it over the treated area. The length of your BBL Laser Treatment will depend on the area we are treating. A session may take a few minutes to a half-hour.

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Improve Elasticity

BBL Laser Treatment Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

Following BBL Laser Treatment, it's common to experience redness, warmth, and a sunburned feeling. After the treatment, the pain and redness often last two to four hours. Temporary discomfort may be reduced by applying cool compresses for ten to 20 minutes with a damp, soft cloth. Plan to take a week to fully heal from the treatment. Avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen until fully healed.

Maintaining your BBL Laser Treatment results

You can maintain your results by scheduling treatments twice to four times yearly. Continue with your daily skincare routine between visits, and apply sunscreen daily.

BBL Laser Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

BBL Laser treatments can reduce scarring and help with the color correction of scars.

We recommend waiting to book your treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

You may experience a slight sting during BBL Laser Treatment. We have numbing cream and an air chiller people can use to decrease any discomfort.

Blistering and crusting are typical adverse effects.

BBL Laser treatment costs vary depending on how many sessions you receive and the customization options necessary to achieve your goals. We will be happy to collaborate with you to choose the option that best meets your lifestyle, skincare, and financial needs.

BBL uses many light wavelengths, while Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy uses a single, powerful, focused beam of light. BBL Laser Treatment is safe for all skin types, and IPL is more suited for lighter skin types.

Both BBL and IPL treatments are options for removing discoloration from the skin.

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